Digitized Music Prints by Jacques Moderne (b. ca. 1495-1500; d. after 1560)

More than 50 books of music rolled off the presses of Jacques Moderne’s print shop in the sixteenth century. The following is a selective chronologically-ordered list of those of Moderne’s music books that have been digitized and that are accessible online.

La parangon des chansons. Lyon: Jacques Moderne, 1541.
– 2 volumes of a 9-volume collection of French polyphonic songs by various composers, issued in partbooks.

Tertius liber motettorum ad quinque et sex vocem. Lyon: Jacques Moderne, 1542.
– A volume of Latin polyphonic motets by various composers, printed in four partbooks.

Tablature de lutz … par M. Francesco Bianchini Venetiano. Lyon: Jacques Moderne, 1547.
– A small book of instrumental pieces for the lute, notated in tablature, by the Venetian composer and editor Francesco Bianchini.

Harmonidos ariston tricolono ogdoameron. Lyon: Jacques Moderne, 1548. (Bibliothèque nationale de France).
– A large book in choirbook format, containing Latin polyphonic masses and other works by various composers; in it Moderne re-uses several woodblocks he had originally cut two years earlier for his 1546 edition of Morales’s masses.

Misse familiares Lyon: Jacques Moderne, 1557. (Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon).

Misse solennes. Cantus missarum que in festis principalioribus celebrantur Lyon: Jacques Moderne, 1557. (Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon).
– A pair of books of Latin plainsong, or Gregorian chant, containing masses and other chants, printed in two colors; the main contents of each volume is preceded by a 4-part canon, or round.

Liber decem missarum. Lyon: Jacques Moderne, n.d.
– A large book of 10 Latin polyphonic masses and 3 motets by various composers, in choirbook format.

Musicque de joye. Lyon: Jacques Moderne, n.d.
– A set of four partbooks containing polyphonic instrumental pieces by various composers.