Dr. Michael Noone (Music Department, Boston College): Primary Investigator and Researcher

Dr. Graeme Skinner (University of Sydney): Research and Editorial

Sarah DeLorme (Boston College Libraries): Web Content and Design

Anna Kijas (Boston College Libraries): Project Manager

Ben Florin (Boston College Libraries): Web Applications and Systems

Chris Houston-Ponchak (Boston College Libraries): Web Design


This project received expertise and support from Digital Scholarship, Digital Library Programs, Special Collections, and Systems & Applications at the Boston College Libraries.

We would like to acknowledge Prof. Juan Carlos Asensio Palacios (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya), Ensemble Plus UltraSchola Antiqua, and K&M productions.

In addition, we gratefully acknowledge the Dean and Chapter of the Primatial cathedral in Toledo, Spain, for permission to record videos of musical works in the cathedral’s Mozarabic chapel.

Suggested Project Citation

Morales Mass Book Project Team. Morales Mass Book. 2017. Available at: